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East Wake Academy Charter School


Welcome to the fifth grade website!  Please use the pages below to find resources for math, language arts, social studies and science.  Also, refer to the homework page for due dates in all core classes.  







All about the Fifth Grade Teachers



Follow us on Twitter:  @MrsDixonEWA , @SierragLewter, @MissRoesRoom    


What's Happening in Language Arts

ELA Resources


What's Happening in Math

Math Resources


What's Happening in Science

Science Resources


What's Happening in Social Studies

Social Studies Resources


Parent Night Presentation (July 30, 2019) 

Study Strategies.pdf

Question Stems.pdf 



Student Log In Information:

  • Google Account - username = firstname.lastname@eastwakeacademy.org, password = student ID #

  • PowerSchool/my.ncedcloud.org - username = student ID #, password = EWAEagles1 

  • Discovery Education = firstname.lastnameewa, password = student ID # 

  • MobyMax.com = firstname.lastnameewa, password = student ID # 



Additional Resources:



Academic Assistance Schedule (7:40-8:10 or 3:15- 3:45)

Language Arts- Monday

Math - Tuesday 

Social Studies - Wednesday

Science - Thursday



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